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Mattarelli Octive

Mattarelli Octive

Mattarelli Octive Sporting 12 V. Dette er økonomimodellen men med Mattarelli kvaliteten. Det er en enkel modell som ikke er tiltbar sideveis. Liten høydejustering.
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Mattarelli Octive

SKU: 9827
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Sporting Line

A range of machines explicity designed and costructed for Sporting Shooting.

For this reason only the highest quality Italian produced materials have been used.

Stainless Steel for all exposed parts: Launching plate, Base Plate of Magazine, Clay descending plate.

Anodized Alluminium on the magazine profiles.

Ergal e Vulkolan for the throwing arm.

The machine body surface has been treated and coated by means of an electro-deposition of a special paint, that enables it to be withstand to all atmospheric conditions. Internally in the same body all the main mechanical parts are enclosed and protected too.

The machine is mounted on a cardan slip thereby allowing it to obtain the most variable of trajectories.

The launch of the machines is obtaineed by means of a coil spring that can easily be adjusted by an attached spring tensioner.

Particularly important is our exclusive innovative method of enabling the clay not to be damaged while sliding into the loading position and futher holding the clay even while the machine is tilted to its maximum. This features is operated by means of a slide that positions it directly into the nasting pocket of the throwing arm.

The Italian prodeced motors, are all adapted against thermal overload.

The Gearboxes are lubricated with a special oil that is resistant from -40°C, to + 80°C (-40°F to + 175°F).

The release system is housed in an appropriate box that handles either the direct current D.C. (12v) or the Alternating current (220v / 110v). A flip switch is mounted on the box that either attachment is connected via a 4 pole connector to which a even a remote control (radio) can be attached.